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    The timezones listed in the Gameday thread get pretty weird and confusing sometimes. Some hosts use GMT, some use EST, some use something else entirely, and they don't make sense for where the Gameday is being hosted. Why list the time for a US Gameday in GMT, which is more appropriate for Europeans, etc. There's always a link to a timezone converter in the thread, but it's a pretty clunky way to solve something this simple.

    The gameday times should be listed in a universal time standard, like UTC, or we should list two or three common timezones. At the very least, list the time the Gameday starts in a timezone appropriate to the region. The timezone converter should be relegated to more obscure timezones or people who don't know what UTC is, it shouldn't be a necessity for finding out when an event begins because there is no standard timezone used by Gameday hosts.
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    More importantly, it would be nice to have the timezones labeled with the UTC offset so that you can actually grasp what they are without any risk for confusion.
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    Listing GMT isn't helpful since I have found that a staggering number of UK residents don't understand that the time the UK uses during summer is not GMT. But BST.

    My general assumption is that everyone knows what their time is +/- from GMT or UTC and since we're very much an international community running international events, the timezone that should be listed every time is UTC any extra are optional.

    21:00 UTC
    Your timezone
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