Game disabling mat_specular at launch?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Pocket, May 20, 2016.

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    I've been having this issue for some time now; back in the day, messing around with mat_specular to build cubemaps would sometimes cause reflections (except in water, because the water shader is special somehow even when it's using cubemaps) to stop working in official maps, but only official maps. And I had to do some finagling to get them to work again. Now, it's just straight-up off, and I have to manually enter mat_specular 1 at the start of every session.

    Is anyone else getting this, and is there a fix for it? I looked at the config file to see if there was a mat_specular 0 in there somehow, and there wasn't, so I'm stumped.
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    I can't help with the mat_specular thing, but on a similar note I have found the same problem with net_graph 1. I've always kept it on because I like being able to see my ping and FPS at the same time. I wonder if it's a related issue?