Func_tracktrains or other ways to move spiders

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    I'm working on a zf (zombie fortress) map for tf2 (red are survivors, blue are zombies)
    As fun extra I'm adding spider hunting, through the map will be about 30 spiders hidden, when blue collects them the timer goes down, when red collects them the timer goes up.

    Currently the few spiders I have for testing aren't moving, but are simply item_teamflags with props_halloween/smlprop_spider.mdl as custom model.

    I do however think it would be fun to have them crawling around a little bit (not too far, just along a fence or something similar), and have looked for ways to move them.

    I found func_door and func_movelinear, which probably aren't good enough since they can only move into 1 direction, so I was wondering if theres a way to dynamically change for example the movedir in movelinear?

    The other obvious way I found is with func_tracktrains, however I'm afraid that having a tracktrain for each spider isn't good for the players fps. (30 func_tracktrains with each its own path_track path)

    Any ideas? :)
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    the only entity as far as i know of that allows you to move an entity in a non-linear movement(not straight or in circles) is Func_tracktrain...

    An ulterior method use you could do is to add some additional animations where the spider moving around. then just add the spiders and have the animation make the look of movement. However is would not be recommended for longer movements of the spiders. although from what you say it shouldn't be a problem.

    I say use Func_tracktrains for any spiders that move around in a large area(along a fence, or scurry along the ground. and use the animation for ones that just wonder in a small area.
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