func_tracktrain causing crashes

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    So I've been working on porting a CSS JB map over the past week and a half or so and there's a minigame called hurdles we have. There were usually lasers between the thing chasing the players through the hurdles but that didn't port too well (parenting with it doesn't work :l), so I replaced them with saw blades that rotated using m_r_b. Since then, no matter where the func_tracktrain is, if a player goes to the direct middle of the brush, no matter where the origin is placed, it will crash the server/client right away.

    The main coder wants me to make it passable because for one of the LR's (race) is in hurdles, and players need to pass through the brush/props to complete the race but it still wouldn't matter because there's also a noclip feature which, if on accident or purpose, someone could easily crash the server.

    I've tried copying the older hurdles from when it didn't crash and it still crashes in this one, does anybody have any idea why this could be possibly happening?