func_movelinear kills teammates

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    How to stop, basically. Thoughts?
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    Why don't you say "player" instead of "teammates" or does it only kill people who are in the same team as you? ^^

    If you would have looked at the entity properties, you would have noticed that you can set the "Block Damage"
    Set it to 0 and you should be fine.
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    That elevator map is funniest map so far
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    If two people stand on top of a func_movelinear, func_door, func_door_rotating or a func_tracktrain and their collision hulls merge in to one another (happens when they are on the same team), then it will either stop the brush moving, make it go in the opposite direction or give one or both of them blocking damage if it is specified.

    The way to get around this is to set the spawnflags 'Not solid to player' or 'Unblockable by player' depending on the entity. Sometimes it doesn't work, so in the case of the doors, you can parent a func_brush or model to them, make the doors really small, texture them with nodraw and give them the spawnflag 'Passable' which makes them genuinely non-solid so players will pass through them.

    For func_tracktrain, setting the spawnflag 'Unblockable by player' can actually push players inside brushes that are in the way! You can fix that by overlaying a trigger_hurt inside the brushes where players could clip in to, acting as crush damage.