func_hurt + radiation

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    its utterly broken, isn't it?

    the gieger sounds play for all damages and damage models, above and underwater.

    however, the gieger counter sound *only* plays when you start touching the box, and when you walk into the box a certain amount, it stops completely. by the looks of it when the centre of the collision box (or player hull) enters the func_hurt or when you leave the hurtbox, the sound stops. former is wrong, latter is right.

    *grumpy* >:[
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    If you really want a trigger_hurt radiation, why don't you just put in a few ambient_generics and set them to play the geiger counter sound on loop, with a sharp falloff just beyond the hurt box. If you want it to tick more as the player gets closer, put multiple ambient_generics in with a slight delay and smaller radius.