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    Thought I'd introduce myself since I've been making posts without introduction. :D I'm a long time mapper starting back in the days with UnrealED. Made several levels for UT99 and got some good reviews from review sites at the time. Other games not 3D include AOE3 and WC3 with massive trigger work. I love developing levels and especially triggers and such.

    I come from, my home server where I'm known by my old name Cerwin Vega, where we have a great community there too for over 8 years. I haven't completed anything as of yet but I have been doing a lot of reading and editting existing maps for our custom server a long with giving what little advice and help I can there. I was turned on to this website by a fellow level designer who is working on cp_coret, yes CORET from UT99. I've seen some pre-alpha screens and they look very promising. :D

    I hope to be some help and if you ever need some play testers or some criticing please feel free to IM me in steam... phatal808.
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    Wow, you've got quite the resume. Always glad to have an entheusiast. Welcome to the group m8 :)