(Full set is Hazy Days) Old [Deleted]

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Dr. Maxxis

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Feb 8, 2017
Dusted Off (Part 1) - Modern Day wasnt always so Modern!

Day 1 Submissions!

I decided to start off Relatively small for Day 1!
I started with 2 Vertical Portraits, One Green, One Orange! I want to knock out a full set of portraits for Each class before the end of the Jam! So tomorrow will most likely be filled with 3 Portraits, and the Remaining four on Day 3!

I will be calling the collection of Portraits "Dusted Off" so stay tuned! Anyways, Here's the first 2 Portraits

  • "Method"
Dust Off.png

  • Ol' or Nothin'
Rocket Pop.png
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