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    What I'm offering

    The original is the version I submitted to the 2nd 72hr contest in 2011 (and, it won).

    The redux is my attempts at fixing the map, in a less rushed environment. The redux includes individual .vmf's for stage a, b and c. Note: Stage a and B work, stage c does not. I have blue spawn framed out, but not fully built. I do not have a working red spawn.

    Obviously, stage 3 needs a lot of work, but if you don't want to do it, you can turn stage 2 into the final stage with relative ease.

    I had originally chosen to go with a "Kennecott mine" theme (for both versions), which is snowy mining. You're welcome to keep that theme, or adjust it to whatever you want.

    This is an open project, and it still is an alpha. You are welcome to take it as your own if you wish, but you must give credit to me if you do so.

    Here are the downloads:

    For more info about the map, or more images, see cp_frozen's (massive) development thread.
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    Those are some crazy buildings in that reference folder. You should post those in the reference photo thread. People probably don't realize how true-to-life some of the game's odder architecture really is.
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    link to the original is dead... please repost.