CP Frostgale RC1

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Oct 25, 2014
This is my submission for the The 2015 Summer 72 hr Mapping Contest!

It was aiming for a simple A/D map that was targeted more towards pub and casual play because I wanted to try new things, still thinking of balance of course.
Managed to texture and detail it as much as I can and I found myself optimizing it pretty nicely!

The download contains the .bsp, the navigation mesh for playing with bots.
Map is compiled with HDR and -textureshadows -StaticPropPolys -StaticPropLighting
Made in ~35 hours.
Newer versions have a total of around 15-20 work hours.


- Replaced all(?) dev textures with normal textures
- Fixed texture bugs
- Fixed a healthpack that was inside the ground
- Fixed a build exploit
- Fixed players shooting through spawn doors in BLU spawn
- Fixed collision with some lamp posts
- Tweaked lamp collision
- Updated lighting brightness and ambience
- Updated detailing
- Updated optimization
- Added a second flank on the last point

- Fixed a bug with a door
- Fixed a func_nobuild brush being world geometry
- Fixed the collision of a lamp
- Nerfed sniper's sightline
- Added a door in both ways on the last point's flank
- Increased cap time of first point by 1 second
- Tweaked dropdown on first point
- Updated decals/overlays
- Updated textures
- Updated ropes and wind settings
- Updated fog settings
- Updated detailing
- Updated optimization
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