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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by ParanoidDrone, Mar 7, 2010.

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    A friend of mine was experimenting with some mapping and ran into some issues. He tried registering here, but the validation email's not appearing in his inbox, so I'm posting this on his behalf until he gets that sorted out.

    What he's attempting to do is modify Gravelpit to be Halloween themed, similar to Harvest Event. I'm perfectly aware of the general attitude towards modifying Valve maps here, so I should probably put a disclaimer here that I don't think this is exactly a serious project, but a fun little diversion that arose out of a "Grave Pit" typo.

    The problem: Recently, Hammer's compiler started crashing. Not merely taking forever, but crashing. Between his last successful compile and present, he has added several more props, some exploding pumpkins, and the ghost of Zephaniah Mann. However, he tells me that attempting to compile an unmodified SDK map or even a simple box cause it to crash. Performance wise, he says all 4 of his cores suddenly max out at 100% when it's about to crash. I already tried directing him to Interlopers, but it sounds like in the process of crashing it closes the compile window automatically, which would make obtaining the log difficult for obvious reasons.

    Can anyone offer any theories as to why this is happening or suggestions about how to fix it?
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    This happened to me once before from an odd prop that would stall the compile at portal flow every time (or thats what I figured it was.)

    I solved this by cordoning off sections of my map and figuring out where the compile process got stopped. Eventually I found the culprit area and remaking that prop seemed to fix my problem... Thank god for cordon...