Freeze when I join a team

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    Hey guys. It's a weird problem I didn't use to have, but right now, I have it. Here is the thing: I create a server, and join a team. And my game freezes when I spawn. Can't do anything but using CTRL + ALT + Suppr to stop the game. However, I can join spectator without crashing. Anyone's got an idea please?
    VMF + BSP

    And I have a strange lighting on some displacements, check this out.

    Any ideas how to fix it please? Thank you in advance/
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    I notice it's payload. Sometimes if you have the train watcher/hud set up wrong it will lock up the game when you join a team (the point at which the hud appears).
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    If it was a broader problem, I'd check you didn't have some scripts that run when you spawn (classname.cfg files) that would cause infinite loops on servers with "wait" disabled.