Fox no longer blue

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I like foxes
Jul 20, 2016
3 years mod! I gotta focus on building my life now so I think its time to step down

TF2M was where I learned and practiced a lot of my art, im sure some people here remember the free art giveaway threads I did, feels like an entirely different era tbh. Those little threads ended up being a huge boost for my confidence and skills, and over time I've only gotten better at drawing funky little critters.
Hell, i'm good enough at it now that it's becoming how I make my living, and who the heck knows if I'd make it that far without all the early support I got chillin here.

Unfortunately making a living off art is a huge time commitment, and my ability to do ~stuff~ for tf2 has waned heavily, most of my recent mod actions have just been in the back end and I cant imp as much to get funny huntsman clips- but it was so god damn worth every second




Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
oh lord that video brings back memories

the flipy vtuber arc begins now