KotH Fountain Square A1

A town square themed KotH map

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    Fountain Square - A town square themed KotH map

    It is a KotH map with a relatively open control point, with various points of highground and flanking routes to help in capturing.

    In the future I want to give it a relaxed, french riviera styled town square vibe, thus the warm Harvest skybox.

    In actuality it is not my first, second map. The first one was way too small, thus I have given up on working on it, though I may someday return to it and remake it with newly gained experience.

    Known issues:
    • One respawn room indicator on the BLU side is invisible from head on. I have no idea what causes this, everything looks fine in Hammer.
    • The control point may be too spammable, because it is in a bit of a pit, though I hope it won't be a problem as I like the look of it (also, Suijin has an indented CP too)
    Main point:

    Titular fountain:

    Bridge from spawn:

    CP from a balcony:



    Arieal view (CP is invisible because I had to go over the skybox):