Forward spawns for attacking team on a koth map?

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    I've seen a discussion somewhere about giving the attacking team on a koth map a better spawn point rather than shorter respawns, however, how could this be realized?

    linking a forward spawn to each CP, like on 5cp maps, wouldn't work for king of the hill, and it would need to switch the situation around once the attacking team captures.

    Any idea?
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    You'd need to disable the old spawns and enable the new when the point is captured. You can do this by sending them "Disable" or "Enable" inputs when the point is capped. Remember to set the forward spawns to start disabled.
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    What if there would be forward spawns working first and then when point is captured, the forward spawn would disable and latter one activate?
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    What's wrong with faster respawns?

    KoTH tends to be pretty balanced in general, it's a fairly hard mode to screw up without doing something weird and wonderful (gimmicks), but the one thing i would say is that a common issue in KoTH maps is for there to be a high ground between the point and the spawn meaning spawn camping comes across as unavoidable since it's made so easy.

    Rather than having a forward spawn, make the spawn area better protected. This could be done with forward respawn visualisers that protect the team after they've left the spawn door, team_filtered cabinets that lock health and ammo for only BLU in the vicinity of their spawn, reducing the number of vantage points over the attacking spawn exit(s).
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