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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by ferrante, Feb 2, 2009.

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    the other day i was mapping for zombie survival and realized i really didn't anywhere to go to ask my question. most of the websites that would have helped have died out. so what im sort of proposing is an everything mapping section, for help with zs, hl, zp: s, cs:s, and any other games/mods out there that people might be having trouble with. it is tough to find a great community (such as this one) that knows so much and is always willing to help. i think it would be great if you all expanded a bit! thanks again.
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    I hate recommending sites and throwing people off the scent of this wonderful community but what i think you're looking for can be found at or even the snark pit (if not a little out dated (i dunno how the forums are still going over there either)). How ever, most questions on mapping can span all mods; unless you're asking for help with mod specific entities.

    Several of our community members have experience in other mods and provided they have the knowlegde they will help, I myself have experience in DodS and HL2 single player and death match. I think at the end of the day this is

    There was recently the addition of a L4D section, even though the SDK has yet to be released for that. I really don't know what the moderators would think of expanding the site to encompass all HL mod level design. It wouldn't seem practical if there arn't the people with the required knowlegde as they really wouldn't be able to help at all. So that's really what it depends on, as well as the man power to moderate such a thing.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself, lol. While many aspects of creation w/ the Source engine hold true for all games on the platform, trying to expand our focus in the way you suggested just doesn't seem practical. That said, ZF is a TF2 mod, and as such, I think it qualifies as custom content. While it's unlikely that we'll be expanding beyond TF2, I'm not opposed to including mods for it. We should be looking for ways to further customize this awesome game. I'll bring it up w/ our webmaster and the other officers.