Forcing pyroland onto custom textures.

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    A while ago I found out how to force pyroland on your map, but never said how to force custom textures into pyroland. I found that out too, but it's significantly harder.

    1. Search "replacements" in GCFscape, the materials GCF file.
    There's a large list of files, this is how TF2 swaps the textures.
    2. Load the first one, it doesn't matter which one, but the first one is very small and easy to navigate.

    3. Go into tf/materials and create a folder called brick.
    This is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, the way the files work is it replaces the textures in that subfolder.

    4. Along with that, move the files you want to "pyroland"ify into that brick folder, update your map accordingly.

    5. In the replacements file there are templates.
    If you quickly want to change your texture's colour instead of straight up changing the texture, add your texture's .vmt to the bottom "patterns" section.
    If not, and you want to change the texture altogether, go to 7, otherwise go to 6.

    6. Save the file into that folder, when you load, if your map has pyrovision enabled, it should load the custom texture.

    7. Add this template in: (text file)
    Change accordingly, get rid of the alpha part if it isn't a decal or something.
    The file that's being applied is a VTF FILE, this is IMPORTANT, not a vmt file, you do not need a VMT file.

    In the patterns section, add your original texture and make the template the new template you just added. Go to step 6.

    This can't be done on models already in the game that don't have the pyroland texture on them.