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    I made the /tf/materials/vgui/maps/menu_photos and menu_thumb files and they work fine for me. I uploaded them to the server in same directory path and have them in the redirects, but the server does not force these files for clients to download. How can I get these .vmt and .vmf files to other clients?

    For future maps, should these have been packrat' ed them into the .bsp?

    Any way I can force these files for download to clients given the map already exists?
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    Maybe you could try packing them. I wouldn't have a clue, but I know the game unpacks stuff and puts it in/creates the right directories automatically so that might be your best bet.
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    To make clients download custom content that is not zipped into the bsp, you need to make a .res file:

    However, .res files are clunky and annoying. And this .res will presumably only be on your server, so it's not really worth it.

    Yes menu photos should be packed into the bsp.
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