Fog not entering skybox

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    ** EDIT ** just figured it out- I SWEAR Hammer turned off "Enable Fog" on me, I swear!

    help! I have built maps with fog before, and had no trouble, but suddenly my fog is NOT showing up in the 3D skybox whatsoever.

    here's an image:

    as you can see, it just stops. WHAM.

    Things I have tried/checked:

    -made sure all settings are same that can be, on my fog controller and in the sky_cam

    -brought in the fog from another map that has a perfect working fog+3Dskybox

    -hunted around on forums

    no worky! blarg...

    I can't seem to find the issue, if anybody has experienced this before, and knows of a few more things I can check, would be much appreciated.

    thanks all!
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