FMaX: CP_Boulder, CP_Redstone, and CP_Steel to be hosted from 8/9/08 to 8/16/08

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    FRaGiMuS MaXiMuS: CP_Boulder, CP_Redstone, CP_Steel

    What is this?

    Each week I'm going to be hosting maps that I've given a high-rated review to, in the hopes that it will tempt some admins out there to add them to their rotation. I have also been sending e-mails to Valve suggesting these maps for their future map packs and the server provides instant access for review purposes. It also makes it easy to pop in and gather the info you'll need to place an assessment on FPSB.

    After they leave general rotation, all previous maps are available via the real-time voting system.

    My Reviews

    1. cp_boulder_v1

    2. cp_steel_b4

    (I'll be adding a Redstone review after I get another hour or two of live gameplay.)
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    Thanks FRaGiMuS,

    I've been looking a thread around here that deals with strictly custom/community created map servers. Seems like they're sometimes hard to find and don't get many people's attention.

    I operate a server as well and am looking to stock it with a nice rotation of custom maps. In fact, I was just working on a post asking for suggestions when my IE dumped on me. I'm certainly going to pull the ones you mentioned and get them on line.

    Currently, I'm running a "King of the Hill" map (I don't see many of those) I created. With suggestions and feedback, I'd like to expand the rotation to what the community is looking for and hopefully, get some good activity on the server (seems like a lot of wasted processor cycles right now).

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    Well that's cool Fragimus but out of those 3 none have come from here