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    A quick note on these maps/clippings of projects. They all very from many different phases of my mapping career, and a lot of them are not my original ideas but were enough brushwork that I wanted to through them into this one ease of access VMF.

    The first projects I want to cover are Cp_Depot, Cp_TrainDepot_a5, and Cp_TrainDepot_a5 (Origin). These were all my personal attempts at remaking the abandoned map Cp_TrainDepot made by Prosciutto. I thought the brushwork was okay enough to put in here, but it still wasn't good enough for an actual map. If you use any of these, just use it for something else (Note. None of the brushwork on these is theirs. It was me trying to start from scratch).

    Second map up here, we have KoTH_Artifact. The idea for this one was that I wanted to make a KoTH map where capping the point would basically give you a chance for a good or bad event to occur. Didn't like how it was going however, so I gave up. It's up to you what you want to do with it, I do not care about it anymore.

    The rest of these are really short so I won't go into too much detail but here are the basics:
    PD_Ritual- Idea was the platform was an alter, and you were offering up points to the gods. Nothing special
    CP_Moat- Medieval map based around a castle. Final point has height and is open on purpose. Back area also pushes players, maybe could of been a risky flank? Idk.
    CTF_Drainage- First CTF map, The only thing that could be salvaged from this is the intel room possibly? If taken up I'd recommend just taking tiny parts and remaking from scratch. Not good, 2/10

    All of this is open, and none of them ever made it to a1 or testing. Do whatever you want, and you can credit me or not. Up to you

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