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    Just a small quirk that's been bothering me- when constructing an indoor area on a strict 64x64 scale, do you usually build the floor on that scale (say, 192x192) and then the walls on top so that the indoor floor is effectively 176x176 instead? Or do you build the walls outside the floor area, so the floor surface area would be 192x192 but the protruding walls give a length/width of 208x208?

    It probably doesn't matter in the long run as long as they've put together seamlessly, but I keep thinking that there's got to be a cleaner method.
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    I suppose it depends on what you're building.

    For example, I've found that if my structure will be seen from only the inside, it is easier to put the ceiling on top of the walls.

    However, if the building is playable from both inside and outside, or has multiple floors, I find it is easier to nest the floor inside the walls.

    Curious how others go about this problem. I suppose I could look at some valve maps too.
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