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    Well this is cp_flatlands, a 5cp map with an alpine theme.
    Called flatlands due to the the flat walls and floors, but if I continue working on it I'll tidy the place up, add a few props and other general attractiveness improving items.

    Second version of cp_flatlands (a purely temporary name). After two and a bit weeks away I've done some tweaking and have started out testing out an alpine art style. I reduced the size of most of the areas and added a few other little things.
    Already coming up with ideas for a3, such as overhauls for the central point (hence why it's undecorated), so it shouldn't be a month between updates next time.
    Enjoy, and as usual, all feedback welcome.
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  2. grazr

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    flatlands kinda implies an outdoors area with grass fields. Here we have an industrial compound. Some food for thought.

    Your map seems mostly well lit, but there are areas still needing more light, like in your 4th image.

    Also your geometry comes across rather artificial and quake-like. Platforms looking more like playground areas for players rather than believable structures. Probably a result of how symmetrical they are but also how they impose on your layout design like seperate entities.
  3. lana

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    So many right angles...

    so many
  4. Jeremy

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    Right now it's dominated by right-angles and extremely flat walls, and that's boring.
  5. Sergis

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    i think that right angles by themselves aren't a problem as there is plenty of maps with no diagonal paths that look and play just fine. if you look at your screens, especially first two, it's painfully obvious that your areas are just cubes filled in with props and ramps. redoing your walls not as solid piece, but as groups of buildings that are not lined up would help your map look and feel better.
  6. absurdistof

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    Some parts of the map (namely the middle) look like they could use some flanks around to make the combat more interesting.

    Also, the large open areas in the first and second screen are cool, but as sergis said they look pretty filled in. I suggest you separate your combat spaces here, so that everyone isn't fighting in the same place.
  7. howling techie

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    A2 now uploaded, a quite small update, but now I'm not on holiday anymore so I can work on it properly, and release a bigger update a bit sooner than the four weeks. All feedback is welcome as usual.
  8. waxpax

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    This seems like a lot of health and ammo on last, I think I'd either make the lunch box a snack or remove one of these supply spots.

    The rollout for your map is ok until you hit this point. The easiest thing to do is jump to the upper exit, but the catwalk sort of blocks that and the medic doesn't really have a way to easily follow the heavies. I'd try cutting out a diagonal piece of that corner of the catwalk in the ss and see if it helps. Or you could just add a ramp to the second level in that corner and then you wouldn't have to worry about jumping around it so much. If you try the cutting, I'd pile some boxes or something by that crate in the right background that a medic could use to follow the soldiers to the top.

    This is probably just because it's a2, but I don't think you should be able to get into the forward whenever you want.

    I think you should widen these corridors on mid so they are less of a deathtrap and it should make them a more viable route for scouts, maybe.

    I'd like an extra opening in the fence around here so it doesn't take so long to push into or out of mid. Well, you can jump over the fence, but it really slows down a medic so I guess the change is mostly just to help that class get around a bit.

    I think you should raise this roof quite a bit to allow for better jumping in this room. It would probably make the action more dynamic and no one likes to hit their head when trying to bomb the med/demo.
  9. Sebi

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    I've arranged some screenshots for you:

    Can easily be seen through. Make some los-block for people to hide behind that.

    I think a step is missing.

    Major clipping bug. You can just walk through that...

    ...to go there. What's that area for?

    Plus, there is this visleaf bug!

    Which I demonstrated here.

    This texture sounds like sand when you walk over it. I don't think this was intended.

    It is not obvious that this is a glass wall. Make it look like an obvious window and give the glass a texture where ppl will not be tempted to pointlessly shoot at.

    Texture fight!

    Please make this (and all other signs of this kind) nonsolid, so that scouts don't bump into it. Also recede it more into the ceiling.

    That texture is lit pitch black.

    Suggestion: Make a rock sticking out of that death pit with a healthkit on top of it so that careful jumping will earn you HP.

    As always with props: Add some clipping brushes, or players will hate you for getting stuck in micro-edges.

    Same here.

    And especially here!

    This looks wrong. See screeny below.

    This is how it should look instead.

    Looks great. Heighten the ceiling please, so that ppl don't get claustrophobic up here. :p

    I love this hole!

    Are we supposed to be able to walk this? Add a clip-brush please.

    Another really un-obvious glass window.

    At first I was like WTF when I saw this. You could add doors to that floor/ceiling to make sense.

    Clipping issue. Make Nonsolid.

    I really like that idea of a see-through floor. Do it! It's great!

    Just a tad too high for a rocket jump. Lower it to rocketjumpable height.

    What does this sign warn me about? I don't see any hazard whatsoever.

    This spot there, where my revolver points. It is a snipers' paradise. Please please do something about it, or this far too powerful spot has potential to ruin your map.

    I cannot quite describe why, but this somehow does not look quite right. Gameplay-wise maybe. But logically? What is this supposed to be in real life?

    White letters on overly bright wall. Plain invisible. Change that decal/overlay to something darker that can be seen on such a wall.

    You should not be able to see that just by using a force-a-nature jump. You should not be able to see that at all. Not even with a rocket jump!

    Same here.

    I think you forgot to texture this wall. Tip: Shift-rightclicking a brush with the texture tool will texture that whole brush, instead of one face only. This pic just looked like you could use that tip.

    Clipping bug. Add a clip-brush.

    Now that I helped you, how about returning the favor by examining my map in a similar way? :)
  10. LeSwordfish

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    End point: I never got to play any actual combat around it.

    Second: The chokepoint heading towards it is pretty horrible, especially since the defenders can take the height advantage. The point room itself is a bit to tall, i think. Falling damage all over the store. Plus, i kept falling behind the point and running into the pillars while i tried to get out.

    Mid: Sightlines, oh god. You can shoot from one second spawn to the other, basically, which makes counter-pushing a pain in the ass. Also, i don't like the fences- using those fences in a gameplay area is odd, because the fact that they've always been used around the edges makes players think of them as impassible.