flashlight bug (SOURCE ENGINE 2013 SINGLEPLAYER)

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Oct 20, 2021
Hi guys, after compiling I noticed the following problem: when you turn on the flashlight, the map is cut off. Before that, there was a problem, but the usual compilation with the VIS parameter was solved, but this time it did not work. I already tried to gradually disable entities and triggers on the map and compile, I also tried cordon, it didn’t work, I checked the texture version, it was indicated that DXT1, if my memory serves me right, then this is the norm for source sdk base 2013.

I also tried to refer to the original Half-life 2 and noticed that there is no such bug. The mod has custom code compiled for the series. Shaders were not touched, but the map has recompiled props from Counter-Strike: Source

I don’t know what to do anymore, on other cards - this bug is not there, there is nothing in the compilation log, I asked friends and acquaintances - they either don’t know and haven’t met such a bug or don’t know its solution. I will be grateful for your help.