Flags effecting capture points?

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    I've had this idea for a gameplay type.

    My idea was to have a map with eight cps, and have half belonging to each team. At the start of the game the cps would all be locked, and you win the game by capturing them all. However, in order to unlock them for capture you have to capture the enemy team's flag. After capturing the enemy flag once the first enemy capture point is unlock and available for capture. You cannot capture the flag again until you capture this newly unlocked cp, and once that unlocked cp has been captured two things happen: it becomes locked, unavailable for the enemy team to capture back, and the enemy's flag becomes possible to capture again. This process repeats itself until the last enemy cp becomes captured. Once that is done, the game is over and you and your team have won.

    I haven't done any planning on how this map would be made or laid out, but I want to know before I even think about making this gametype is whether or not you can fix a flag to effect the availability of a cp for capture or not. Anyone know?
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    Yes, that's easy to do -- you can add an output to the flag so that when it's capped it enables or disables a cap point. In this case, if you use a couple of logic_relays as well, you can have it work to enable each point in turn.

    Note that currently, if you have both a flag and a CP in the map, the HUD will be for the CPs, and not show the flag status or position at all.
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    What Velvet said :) Right now the biggest (only?) problem w/ mixing cp's and flags is the hud. Though if you have enough signs and arrows to direct people to the flag, you might be able to work around it.