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Flag drop reset

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by x6herbius, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Is there any way to create a system where if a flag is dropped in a volume (not just carried into a volume like func_respawnflag), outputs will be fired?

    I'm trying to test a game mode where if a player carrying the flag is killed within a certain area, the flag is reset, disabled and a new flag/capture area are enabled. I first tried a func_respawnflag but this reset the flag as soon as the player carrying it walked into the trigger; I then tried a trigger_multiple on the floor filtered with firstly the classname "item_teamflag" and then the entity name "flag" (what I named my flag for testing purposes) and set up an output to fire the ForceReset input OnStartTouch to the !activator, but this didn't seem to have any effect in either filter case (I set the "Everything flag in the trigger_multiple as well as the Physics Debris and Pushables flags, to be safe).

    Is there any possible way that this could be achieved?

    EDIT: Using a point_proximity_sensor seems to work, although it generates a lot of I/O (ie. every frame). I have the flag set up to trigger a logic_relay every time it's dropped, but the relay starts out disabled. The proxy sensor sends a SetValueCompare input to a logic_compare each frame, and if the value is over the compare value the logic_relay is disabled, while if the value is equal or less than the compare value the relay is enabled. When the relay is enabled and triggered by the flag drop, the flag resets (which is all I have it set up to do at the moment).

    I guess this will need a lot of optimisation (like only one proxy being enabled at any one time, since I'll have multiple possible ones). If anyone thinks they know of a better solution I'd be glad to hear it. :p
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