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    So I'm installing Hammer on a new device, and running hammer.bat tells me there are no game configurations available, asks me to set them up and presents me with the Configure Hammer window with all text boxes blank. I tried filling the settings out according to another post on TF2maps then opening hammer.exe, where it evidently hadn't saved the settings so I entered them again. After clicking ok it told me gameinfo.txt was missing, and any time I try to re-open either file all the text boxes are again blank.

    I haven't even got to the stage where I need to install the Visual Studio redists yet, I don't think I've ever encountered this before. I also tried verifying game files which didn't work, then deleting hammer.bat and hammer.exe and re-verifying, and the problem persisted. Any ideas?
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    Do you use hammer that comes with tf2 pre-installed?