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    I suddenly want to recall a specific map.
    It was AD, one stage, and three CPs.

    There was little to no grass and there was a lot of red brick walls.
    There was a lot of height variation, perhaps too much.

    We tested the map a lot during gamedays, it was before we got the current EU server.

    The first cp had the RED spawn above it and you had to fall down a trapdoor to reach the cp. There was a glass wall next to the CP. IT was a climb upwards for blue.

    The connector from cp1 to cp2 was a tunnel in a downwards V shape. There were empty traintracks in it.

    The middle point was sorta in a cement building in a corner slightly off the main path. The area outside of it had the most height variation, it was overkill at times.

    The last CP was set in a metal walled sphere. The final cp was placed a metal platform and you could walk on grinders up to it. There were metal grinders along the walls that you could walk on. There was an arcing corridor around the last cp with three or four openings to fire from and one place to jump into the main arena. You had to walk on the grinders to get back into the second entry route.

    It's not hella, ferrum, motion, imbricatus.
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    If you happen to find a screenshot of the map, plop it into the Image Search option of Google Images. It's a longshot, but technology works wonders these days.

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    Sounds a hella lot like imbricatus to me. Maybe its precursor, whatever that was called?