Finally, a use for the PS3

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Armadillo of Doom, Feb 23, 2008.

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    not only is it better gaming/media wise. but u can even make food with it!
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    That is pretty neat, I shant get into the console debate as we all know that PC is the best (due to custom tf2 maps.... duh)
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    I am split over the consoles. I kind of want a console for when I have friends over so it gives us something else to do, as it stands now we mostly hang out at other peoples houses because they have one of the consoles.

    So I have given it some thought as to which one I would like the most.

    First I thought about a PS3, a little more expensive than the xbox 360, but a much better deal in terms of hardware and internet service. However, I cant really think of many games I want to play on it. Resistance Fall of man looked cool, but thats one of the few I can really think of. Also it does not have the same kind of internet service as the xbox 360.

    So, I thought, well, its a little less expensive for an xbox 360, but if I want wireless its a fricken $100 adaptor. Also, there is the fact that I need to pay $50 a year just to play online games and I dont get access to full content (servers larger than 16 players, pick my own servers, custom content, ect the list goes on). Also, all the games I have looked at and thought I would like are coming to PC anyway, or I already down them for the PC and would need to buy a duplicate game for $60 more.

    Also, there is the fact that I would want to play those two systems on a nice HD TV, which I dont own, and even a 30 inch one (1080p of course) is a bit out of my price range. So that brings me to the Wii.

    Wii, looks great for group game play, however I have not really seen any killer games I would want to play. I never have had any console system before and nothing really catches my interest. Also, the FPS games have a really screwed up control system that I dont like. Also there is the fact you cant find them in any stores near where I live.

    Then as i contemplate these purchases I start to think, "Hmm... So basically for the base system + controllers + games I am looking at LEAST $500, and I built my computer for $650 when it was new, so with that $500 think of all the upgrades I could buy for it" and then I think, "But my computer can still run nearly all games at max quality, so why would I want to upgrade my computer?"

    And in the end I decide its just not worth it.