CP Filtration

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    So here's my first map (that wasn't doomed from the start)! This was entered in the Winter 2015 72 hour contest, but I was lazy and didn't make a thread for it until now.

    It's a 3cp Domination map, inspired by cp_standin. Your team must hold all three points simultaneously, and there's no overtime (Yes, it's supposed to be that way). The map itself features rotational symmetry, as opposed to the reflective symmetry of Standin.

    Both teams are fighting for control over an oil tank and two pumping stations, with the intention of activating the pumps and overloading the machinery within each base, causing and explosion. Well, that's the original idea. That part hasn't been added yet.
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    Nice map! Seems rather decent for a first map, cannot wait to try it out.
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    This map was pretty fun for the few of us that played it, if a bit cramped.

    Scouts had no problem rushing and destroying the other team before they could even react....