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    Before anyone says anything, yes I kind of rushed on this. But why, because I just needed to make a rough sketch of what the map will be like. And besides, this is only a1, so there can be error and mistakes. Besides, I have a backup file, so don't worry.

    Now the map itself. I might have messed up on the resupply room door, especially for blue, but remember, its only a rough sketch, we're not sending it into a map cycle or something. I will fix those bugs this week. Also, I know about it being open space in the center. I will try to add more props to prevent snipers, but the props I added for not could be enough for now. Now, the biggest problem if how the map is tilted. When you play it you will be like, tilted, nothing wrong here. If you go to source sdk and look closely at the walls, they are slightly tilted. You are now like "doesn't seem to affect gameplay much, but for me, it just seems like a bother. Why did I tilt it, well, I actually forget why I did it, it was back when I started making the map. If you noticed the floor being tilted and it is affecting gameplay, I will fix that.

    Final words to say about this. One, I will take the pictures soon. Two, when I say that I know about me being lazy and making mistakes in the map, I mean, I KNOW ABOUT ME BEING LAZY AND MAKING MISTAKES IN THE MAP! Its just a rough sketch, and its only alpha one, so DON'T QUESTION ME ABOUT IT, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN THE LAST MAP! JEEZ! D:

    Please inform me on information that I DON'T know about my map that I should fix.
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