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    I've been trying to filter class on a trigger_push I'm using, allowing all classes except for the filtered one (medic) to pass it. So far I've failed all my attempts, even though I've read the wiki multiple times about it, and now I'm looking for some help from you people.

    Is it possible to even do what I want? I'm using a filter_activator_class, I've tried both "Medic" and the class number (5 I think) but neither of them seem to work when I walk through the push trigger. If the filter is set at "allow" all classes can walk through the push without being affected by it, but if I change the filter to "disallow", no classes at all can walk through it (speed set at 1000, it's working like a wall).

    Some help would be appreciated.
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    Filter_activator_class is entity classes, not tf2 classes.
    Valid classes are things like func_door, prop_dynamic. Medic, Engineer or Spy would not do a thing.
    To do what you want to happen, some weird ass entity work is required that I don't know shitz about.
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