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KotH fighting for a tiny hill 2019-08-05

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fat 2hues

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Aug 5, 2019
like the concept for this map seems good and I think can be a great map
1. fast passed
2. good cover from spawn to the point
3. great for rocket jumping
4. interesting design choices that make the map feel unique if fully developed
1. too close (spawn needs to be spaced a little further and the surrounding platforms to prevent a single engineer from controlling the point and spawn camping) move the stuff about 10 feet back and I think it will work
2. health placement seems very geared towards spys and the hiding holes for spy are to cramped to sneak pass someone as they are one body unit wide
3. capture point has to steep of a way up and has no cover (I like points without cover but most people dont)
4. poor symmetry makes it easier for blu to scale up the map and camp red (there is a great tele-trapping area cause of this)
5. spawn is too cramped and makes it too easy for a demo to camp the entire enemy team