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    ***Don't mind the name, it's just some generic name as I lacked some proper naming skills***
    Hello there guys :)

    first, allow me to introduce myself - my name is Bernd and I like to map from time to time. I am by no means a very experienced mapper or anything, more like a rookie, casual mapper.

    I wanted to show you guys this 'work in progress map', something I've been working on over the past and which had become an idea of mine after the creation of this topic.

    A few specifications of the map:
    the goal (to achieve victory) is to score at least 3 times. This can be achieved by dealing damage to an entity resembling a football (melee weapons, grenades, rockets, you name it). When the ball has passed one of either goals, it is teleported back to the middle of the field. Scoring 3 times will grant one of either teams victory. Easy, isn't it?
    There's also some easter-egg-ish hidden location, which has been made out of boredome and serves no real purpose.
    The field also contains 2 locker rooms at the bottom of the map. If one wanted to change class, he/she could go downstairs and head to one of the locker rooms and change class without getting penalized (getting killed for changing classes) and will spawn back on the field.

    Now my question to you guys is if you could just take the time and give the map a go, even if it's solely for the fact of pointing out the flaws or malfunctions. I'm by no means a good mapper, so expect some problems.
    Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated :)
    Feel free to tell me what you like and what should be improved, removed, you name it.

    Post scriptum: if anyone knows how to deal with menu_photos_mapname and that kinda stuff, could you be so nice to enlighten me how it's done the right way? It kinda works, but doesn't really live up to my expectations, especially since I can't get VTEX.exe to work and the image lacks transparency.
    The download page contains somewhat proper credits incase needed.
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