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    ctf_fever is a small vertically based CTF map. The intel is easy to pick up, but easy for the defending team to return to their base, penalizing hunkering down within the base.

    Right now I'm trying to avoid trappings of other CTF maps are being purposefully avoided, like having to fight pass the enemy team's spawn room, and players being scattered across the map without feeling like the flag is accessible, a priority, or even the overall objective. Ideally the map is simple and straightforward enough for people to navigate without knowing the map intimately, or having signs slapped all over the place.

    This is my first map, so I'm still working most things out as I go along.
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    First map and all, you are bound to make a few mistakes, but I hope you're motivated enough to finish a map :)

    I had a run through this and first: get a tonemap, the bloom is blinding in some sections.
    I have no idea what this water is for, other than anti-pyro measure. It's a nice idea but it seems out of place and much too complicated. Attackers coming up from underground will be running straight into it (I did atleast).
    Speaking of the underground area. It contains 2 medium health and 4 medium ammo boxes... felt like a lot for a room of that size.
    The top middle section is really cluttered. While it does have a lot of jump spots for scouts/soldier/demo all the other classes might feel overpowered by the height. Snipers also have a pretty good sightline straight into the enemy base if they can get a hold of the middle.
    I don't know how much you planned when designing this part but in my eyes it really looks like a "let's see what happends if I put another brush over here" kind of development :)
    You wanted the map to be easy to navigate even for a first time player and my suggestion would be to simplify more and make the exits/entrances really obvious (with lighting and good brushwork).
    The map is filled with 1 unit misalignments, some of them I have no idea how you managed to create, but when building a alpha (dev) it helps if you keep to the larger grid sizes. 16 units should be enough for most things, but some things like railings, windows and stairs can be made with 8 or 4 grid.

    It seems you got a good grip on the tools in hammer already. Waiting for the next version.
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