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Favorite TF2 Sound FX

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Doctor Paprika, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Doctor Paprika

    Doctor Paprika L4: Comfortable Member

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    This is a super-pointless question, but what are your favorite sound effects in TF2? In the last few updates, one thing I've noticed Valve paying attention to a lot with new weapons - apparently thinking this is more important than properly animating the models and fixing their clipping issues - is the complexity of the sounds the weapons make. Just compare the sound of the stock Sniper Rifle to the Machina or the Flare Gun to the Detonator and you'll get what I mean.

    My personal favorites, all of which give me a childish, reptilian glee when I hear them:

    1. The Reserve Shooter and Widowmaker (this is what video game shotguns should sound like, beefy and metallic and obscenely loud)
    2. Tomislav at full fire rate
    3. The can-opening sound Bonk and Crit-a-Cola make when you first take them out
    4. The Quick-Fix whirring sound when you start healing a new target
    5. All the sounds the Machina makes: the regular fire, the fail sound when you're not scoped, and the fanfare when you get a through-the-body headshot
    6. Revolver, Ambassador, Diamondback (three way tie; all sound badass and satisfying, especially compared to the puny plick plick of the Enforcer and L'Etranger)
    7. Mantreads
    8. The Original (kind of cheating, I guess, but it's still a totally boss sound effect)
    9. Righteous Bison
    10. Bazaar Bargain (a subtle one, but it's got kind of a rattle to it that makes it sound like an old rickety gun that actually was picked up at some street market)
    11. The bonk sound all Scout bats make when they connect with an enemy
    12. Long series of crit dings (Backburner from behind, Minigun firing on Jarated player, etc.)
    13. Every sound the Heavy makes while punching
    14. The stuck-in-an-enemy sound you hear when your Crossbow or Huntsman arrow hits (the further away you are when you hear it, the more satisfying it is)
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  2. Sergis

    aa Sergis L666: ])oo]v[

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    "I didn't need ya help, you know"

    "dadadaaada dadadada come sing with me dadadadaaada" (voice clips are sound too :p)

    series of crits, like crit heavy or jarateed enemy on fire

    the annoyingly loud machina doubleshot sound

    wrangled L2 sentryfire

    achievement ding

  3. tyler

    aa tyler

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    No word of a lie I thought about making a series of stupid polls and this was going to be my first question.

    I actually hate the reserve shooter's noise

    I like how stupid the brass knuckles sound

    I like the Machina's "you killed someone through someone" sound a lot, it's similar to when you charge into a wall as demoman. Makes you think maybe a crowd is watching somewhere
  4. Trotim

    aa Trotim

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  5. fubarFX

    aa fubarFX The "raw" in "nodraw"

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    frying pan
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  6. Pocket

    aa Pocket Ya like Jazz?

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    The sound of a flare hitting a distant target. Which comes in second to the sound of a flare hitting a distant target and critting.

    Third would be the "Ching! Ching! Ching!" of a jarateed player who's on fire.

    You might have noticed a theme here.

    I guess my favorite lines would be the domination/revenge lines that don't get used much. I hate that they took virtually all of the dummied-out lines and made them so common I've gotten sick of them now.

    For environmental sounds, I like the beeping computers. I kid you not, our sixth grade classroom used to have a computer (an IBM PS/2 or something like that) where the hard drive sounded exactly like that. I don't know how a hard drive can make that sound, but it did.
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy L11: Posh Member

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  8. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    The pyro's giggle.

    Also i tend to spam the shotgun equip sound when i have the degreaser as pimary.
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  9. Psy

    aa Psy The Imp Queen

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    Anything the Heavy says still makes me smile to this very day.
  10. Mr. Wimples

    Mr. Wimples L6: Sharp Member

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    Vat's dat sandvich? Kill them all?! GOOD IDEA!!!
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