Favorite Gamemode from other games?

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    So many great games out there have had some truly epic gamemodes for multiplayer combat. Some are built around traditional ideas while others try to break new ground. So outside of Team Fortress 2 what is your favorite gamemode from another game?

    I'd honestly have to say I have two favorites. Bombing Run from Unreal Tournament and "C&C Mode" from Command and Conquer Renegade. Bombing Run was quite literally soccer with guns. The fighting intensified without fail as the you were nearing the enemy goal making scoring a goal that much more exciting. The back and forth gameplay made for some lengthy matches yet it still remained fun.

    C&C: Renegade had probably my all time favorite multiplayer gameplay of all time. It mixed my childhood favorite RTS with the FPS genre. The"C&C Mode" saw two teams, each with a base, fighting one another. A game was won buy destroying the enemy base. What made it fun was a monetary system that allowed you to purchase better classes or vehicles. The maps were symmetrical but both sides employed different weapons and vehicles making the combat slightly asymmetrical. Not to mention you get that great teamwork feeling when you have enough cash to buy half your teammates a tank and you all steam roll everything in your path to the enemy base.
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    UT2004 Onslaught Mode :wow:
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    TDM because no matter what the gamemode says it will end up as TDM so that's the only option available