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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Camaris, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Camaris

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    Been browsing these forums as a guest for quite a while, but decided to finally register to get some general opinions of a map that I've been working on.

    First off this is my first TF2 map, the only real personal problem I have with the map, is that I feel the team based textures don't exist yet and should to uphold true TF2 Style. The map itself is a symmetrical 5 Point Map, which features multiple paths to get to every control point, as well as opportunities for all classes to succeed. Most of the people in this forum are general more knowledge able about mapping, so I take any and all opinions with the up most respect, and appreciation.
  2. Ravidge

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    I've not played it. These claims might be completely wrong.

    It looks like from point A you can reach B, C and the enemy B equally fast/effortless. You should force the gameflow a little so you can only go to the capture points that are in play, side paths are okay, but they should not bypass the objectives completely.

    The overall brushwork and detailing looks just about what I'd expect from a beginners map. It's very good but looks kinda unnatural... hard to explain, but it's something you learn as you progress.

    Keep it up.
  3. absurdistof

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    super super SUPER dark.

    Submit for gameday
  4. FreeLance_FoX

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    Just a quick note on how you layed out your CPs...

    I'm just telling you right away that no matter HOW good the flow of the map is, if the points aren't laid out sequentially in such a fashion that players walk by each of them, then your map will suffer. If players can bypass 2nd, which it looks like they can here, then you're going to have flow issues. Even if the control point designs are great, players will always overlook those to complain about the lack of flow.

    Keep it linear. >_0

  5. The Political Gamer

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    Adding what Fox said, its also very blocky with big sniper lines. Take out some of the rooms and make more kinks in the pathways to break up the snipers.
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