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    Well this is my first map in Team Fortress 2, and I thought I would start light with an Arena map.

    Anyway, please enjoy, and I would appreciate any feedback you could give me.

    Known Bugs:
    Directly behind the stairs in each spawn, there is a strange block that refuses to go away, and does not appear in hammer. You can go through so there are no blocking problems there. I am still working on it.
    Some texture mismatches.
    Some block don't meet up ALL the way. (You can see the tiny cracks) You cannot walk through them.

    Thank you very much :).
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    Looks very good, and well detialed in the first and third pic.

    However the second pic seems very open. If that is the main route to the cap then it could become a huge problem but if it's only a side route it might be ok. I may download it in a while and have a look around see what could be made better.

    Well done on what looks to be a great map.

    EDIT: Just took a look around and I think that it is fairly small, but could provide some fast paced arena matches. The crops aorudn the edge of the map reduce my fps to 30-40, and aroudn the other areas of the map i get around 100. You may want to consider reducing the amount of them A LOT.

    I do like the cap area, but I think the stairs to it should be at the side of the map. It would make it more obvious to the player where the entrance is as they will most likely pass it on their way to the other team.
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    I have to agree, that second image looks somewhat flat; you might want to add more objects to break it up, and put in some displacements. Although given this is a beta, I'm guessing that's just things yet to be done.