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    As often tends to be the case with these things, shortly after the release of Fallout Four the internet split into two groups, those who believed the game to be the worst thing evaaars and those who believed it to be the best.

    I am curious to see where this community stands on this sensitive issue
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    I figure we'll start off with me. I've played the game for nine hours and these are my thoughts so far:

    Shit I like:
    Base building
    Weapon customization
    New armour system
    Streamlined cooking
    Give a home base early on
    Snow Globes having an actual effect

    Shit I don’t like:
    Giving the protagonist a voice / backstory is not a problem on the first run through, but later on I will want to play as someone besides a stock white person with a stock accent
    I didn’t see a way to enable the Wild Wasteland perk. If it is there they made it way too hard to find
    I’ll have to play through New Vegas again but I recall being able to walk five feet in any direction without getting attacked
    I haven’t found any faction disguises. The Reputation mechanic also seems to have been removed
    Main menu music is much lamer. Indeed, both the original score and licensed music seem to be lacking

    Barbed Complements
    The jolly realistic graphics make it more ridiculous when animations fuck up, the camera clips behind walls. Similarly the jolly pretty water engine makes it more ridiculous when water flows directly out of river banks
    Lockpicking and hacking remain identical to previous installments
    Bullet crafting seems to have been removed but I’m not going to cry over that, much as it sucks to no longer be able to load coins into shotgun shells. Come to think of it, faction money seems to have been removed as well, another thing I’m not going to cry over

    Overall Fallout Four is at worst more Fallout, but it is more Fallout at best as well
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    Wild Wasteland is straight out not a thing in Fallout 3 or 4.

    In fact, most of the New Vegas exclusive stuff was removed, such as faction disguises and reputation.

    Personally, after Obsidian managed to up the storytelling game with New Vegas, I hoped Bethesda would do the same with FO4, but if anything they've even taken steps *back*.
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    That's just what happens whenever you get multiple studios working on different projects for a franchise. Look at how many Call of Duty fans complained about Ghosts.
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    What do you think of the Automatron DLC? It will be months until I can get a PaySafCard to buy the DLC, so no spoilers please.
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    Wait, unless I'm mistaken you can adjust the skin color as well as other features of your protagonist and their spouse? And I hear that influences
    features too.

    As far as the voice....might be out of luck unless someone wants to record all the voice lines as a mod or something.
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    Skyrim has had its share of excessively elaborate mods, but I was just thinking of taking the voice lines out

    Ain't got it, I'm a 'wait for the sale' type of man
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    When I first started playing Fallout 4 I thought it was quite good. The shooting was much better then previous first person Fallouts and the world is great. The companions were more interesting then previous Bethesda companions.

    The more and more I played it the more and more disappointed I became with the game. Many of the quests were just shitty Go here, kill everything, get the item and come back quests. The dialog system was so limiting, it felt like 95% of the time the choices were just Yes, No, Sarcastic Answer and more information. I also had a lot of issues with the writing, for the most part your character doesn't act like someone who's just experiencing many things in the wasteland for the first time. I also felt it was really stupid you become the leader of the Minutemen pretty much right after you first encounter them.

    The horrible quest design and limits of the dialog system made it feel like they took out the vast majority of the roleplaying from the game and that's why I love RPGs. I don't have any interest in games like Diablo because just killing enemies to get to the end of the dungeon and get the loot isn't interesting to me. I need an interesting story and roleplaying options in my RPGs and Fallout 4 just doesn't have that.

    The building up settlements didn't really do anything for me at all, it's just not really my thing and honestly felt like it was there to give you busy work and a purpose for a lot of the junk in the world.

    Honestly I would probably give it maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10. I hope the story DLC will be better but I have my doubts. I'm far more interested in what the modding community will put out.
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    If there's one thing that disappoints me about Fallout 4, it is indeed the writing. I remember wondering how and why the main character had such an easy adjustment to living in the wastes, fighting raiders and such, with hardly a word of why or when.
    As it turns out, a lot of that stuff is easily skippable.
    Take Abernathy Farms, for instance. A low level settlement right next to Sanctuary that supposedly you can get sent to for your first Minutemen mission. I've played through the beginning of Fallout 4 like three times, and that hasn't happened once. I stumbled upon it a good few hours into my last game and, wouldn't you know it, there's a whole fucking conversation with one of the Abernathys about "what are raiders?" and "what are caps?". The fact that this is the only place this happens, and that this place is somewhere that most players might not even come to, infuriates me.
    Bethesda continues to amaze me in many ways, most of them not good.
    Game is still a solid 7-8/10 in my book.