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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by sil-, Dec 17, 2014.

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    Hey. So, I'm quite new to this whole mapping deal. I created my first map, which was a KoTH map which I called "factory". Anyways, I showed the map to my friend, TAVRAX, and he gave me some crits. I wanted to fix the map but it would be much easier to start from scratch. So, me and TAVRAX worked on a remake for that map. It's not that much of a remake as it pretty much changed everything, so I guess it's more of a spiritual successor.

    I made the basic layout and textures of the map, and TAVRAX worked on a lot of the more technical stuff. So anyways, here it is! The alpha of my second ever map.
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    Judging by the 3rd screenshot the map isn't rotated properly. The trucks should not being pointing in the same direction if it was. Also, some of your displacements look a little steep, check out screenshot 2 with that little hill next to the brick structure. You might want to display walkable displacements to make sure nothing is so steep players can't walk up it.
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    Good start! I'd advice adding some higher areas with staircases perhaps to the side of the point, like this:


    Please ignore the shitty-ness of my drawing skills. If you would higher that area a sentry could be placed on top to dominate the point for a bit, but it would still be able to be sniped.

    Just some ideas!

    Also, make sure your map is symmetrical in terms of gameplay! You don't want RED having advantages over BLU because they happen to have more cover.

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    Thank you for your feedback and on behalf on Silencerized, I bet he thanks you too.