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    I took the liberty of testing the eyelander, Valve gave us information on the eyelander, but no hard numbers so I wen ahead and tested everything.

    Bottle demoman
    speed: 280
    health: 175

    Eyelander demoman: 1 Head
    speed: 302.4
    health: 165

    Eyelander demoman: 2 Heads
    speed: 324.8
    health: 180

    Eyelander demoman: 3 Heads
    speed: 347.2
    health: 195

    Eyelander demoman: 4 and more Heads
    speed: 369.6
    health: 210

    Every head will also give you 15 health. When you have 4 heads, this wil allow you to "overheal" yourself to 225 health.
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  2. absurdistof

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    What about damage? o_O

    Also, I have to say but the eyelander and the axe make me angry... Because I try and snipe and some soldier rocket jumps to me and crits me with his equilizer for 9000 damage...
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    it does 65 damage per hit, number of heads doesnt matter.

    The Eyelander is a good and balanced unluck, I have my doubts on the equilizer. I think it is a little overpowered
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    Eyelander + Targe may be a future nerfing target. Even if you disrupt the charge, that demo is very near you with a decent melee weapon and takes drastically reduced fire/blast damage. Heck, Natascha should be able to affect the charge.

    So far my favorite counter is airblast+axtinguisher.

    The Equalizer seems a bit better from a balance standpoint: Anybody able to do much with it will also keel over if you shoot them during their rush. Valve just needs to fix it so that you can actually get its achievements :(

    I do worry a bit about the long-term affect on the spy population of these two significant melee alternatives.
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    It does. You can't charge while being shot by it. If you started the charge though... that's a different story. :p