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    I go by Exuzu. It doesn't mean anything, I just kind of made it up.
    I also go by Pazuzu on steam. It's a play on the name I just mentioned.

    I've been messing around with Hammer for a while now, never made anything worth submitting anywhere for TF2. I currently have an idea for something that should be pretty cool, I just gotta finish getting it down on paper first.

    I really hope to improve my skills as a mapper; I've read a whole mess of tutorials, so I know about things, but I've never had a chance to implement many of the things I've read. So I hope to change that in the future.

    Anyway. I'll be sure to post the map here when I get a working alpha/beta going. Here's to hoping this won't be my last post.
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    It wont be.. Mapping is highly addictive =p

    Welcome to the forums, stop in the steam chat room always a bunch of us on there willing to help!