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    Remember my Bioshock-based map? Well, I'm at the point where I can start putting in some of the props, at least to get a feel for how it will look when it's done. Thing is, the tool I'm using to convert props from Bioshock exports to some special format called PSKX, and they only provide an import script for 3DS Max. This is fine for now since I have GMax on my machine and the import script they provide seems to work fine with it. I even figured out how to apply the texture to it without looking up any documentation, so all in all it's going way better than expected.

    But I can't figure out how to get the result into Source. I've tried two export scripts so far, and neither one seems to work.

    First I tried the one suggested on the developer wiki (see above), and that gave me the error
    Then I tried the one suggested for 3DS Max since the import script seemed to be cross-compatible enough; I got
    I don't know anything about maxscript, so I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience with GMax and could tell me if there's something I'm doing wrong or what.