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Examples of colored lights? (Intensity and saturation?)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Ragfish, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Ragfish

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    Hello there, looking for something like gullywash last, where the lights on the point are colored.

    I intend to do something similar with rather neutral colors, but I'm not quite sure about the saturation values. Are there any good examples/prefabs with colored lighting available?
  2. tyler

    aa tyler

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    Are you asking how saturated a light should be in general? Load up some of the SDK maps that came with Hammer and look at them, see what they are like. Look at a few maps. This thread has all the Valve maps decompiled, which might also help. This article I wrote might also be of some use to you. There's also a vmf with some premade lights here which are all white but might still be handy? I kind of don't really know what you're asking.
  3. xzzy

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    Alternatively, make a test map that's nothing but a single box with maybe a prop or two. Put your light source in it, set some values, build the map, and look at it in TF2. Make sure you texture the box with textures you intend to use in your map as the color tones effect lighting quite a bit.

    Go back to Hammer and tweak some numbers, remake, and look at it in TF2.

    Inspecting existing maps is certainly a worthy exercise, but if you really want to learn how lighting works in TF2, you're going to have to invest some time and experiment with the variables. C&Ping the same light bulb will get your maps technically competent, but you'll lose out on the opportunity to use light to give your map a sense of dynamics.
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