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    Sorry for the lame name, that was the first one I thought about. I'm changing it whenever I find a better one ^^

    So. This is the third version of my first attempt at serious mapping. The basic idea is still the same : a koth map with an easy to attack control point and a layout you have to climb to keep the point. The main dynamic is.. well, I'm not telling it yet (see if someone can feel it).

    I tried to fix the problems of koth_containers : the spawn is harder to camp, the area near the point is more interesting and the layout isn't a pile of props anymore. I'm not statisfied of it yet (I must add some secondary paths), but it already looks much better than my last map. IMO, anyway. What do you think ?
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    Just from the screenshots I can see that all your doors are really narrow, this will make even getting through alive difficult let alone on enough health to contest the point. Think about what 2 solis can do to those doorways. It would be impossible. They are also long meaning the defenders will have and easy chance of landing directs, 2 direct rockets or 2 direct pipes will kill almost any class and there is no way to dodge them in those doors.

    Your height scaling seems alittle too small as well, your walls are 256 units tall. Use a prop_static with the heavy model to keep an eye on scaling,

    Your layout seems, ok, the main problem I can see is when someone tries to contest the point, the defenders will own that middle area, and due to its positioning the 2 routes you have to the point is effectively 1.

    Also, insert and build cubemaps, it just makes the point not have that purple and black reflection.

    The map, looks good, its interesting and rather unique, and what I said prior is just my opinion on the map. Dont take them for fact, I myself am inexperienced but this is just stuff I noticed. With alittle work this map looks like it would be fun to play on.
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