EU Gameday - May 26th

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    *****IF YOU HAVE A CONTEST MAP**** I will give priority to a few contest maps so that they can be checked for critical errors that may hinder them doing will with judgeing. This is part of the 3 day grace period that all entrants made before todays (May 25th) deadline recieve. IF you want your map checked, please post here and say that it is a contest map. Thank you. Official EU Server:
    Gameday Host: Fr0z3n :D

    Event will begin at:
    Central European: 6:00 PM
    UK: 5:00 PM
    Eastern: 12:00 PM (noon)
    Central: 11:00 AM
    Mountain: 10:00 AM
    Pacific: 9:00 AM
    Find your time here

    Map Submission Format
    Required: Exact Map Filename (ctf_example_a4)
    Required: file ID number, OR url to offsite download.
    __BZ2 compressed files are greatly appreciated to save time for the host.
    __May NOT be a hosting site like mega-upload (wait times, codes, excessive ads, etc).
    First time submissions, Required: discussion thread number.
    __My scheduling system uses this number, I need it, not the post number. (picture)
    If you need a specific time slot: Available time & your time zone.
    If your submission is a single stage out of a multi-stage map, please mention this. (orphaned stage)
    If you are a donator with upload abilities, please say if you have already uploaded the map.

    Testing options
    • A time extension may be requested for mature non-arena maps in need of fine tuning (this includes orphaned stages).

    You can keep the same file number by clicking edit on your file's page and then simply putting a new file in the upload box. This makes it easier for you (don't have to update all your links!), easier for me, and less clutter on the site. (picture)

    The map must be playable. This means fully functional objective system, proper spawns, not fullbright, etc.
    __The purpose of this testing is to help authors refine their designs, not catch newbie bugs.
    Filename MUST be versioned. (ctf_example_a1.bsp, NOT ctf_example.bsp)
    __Do not rename a bsp after compile. The vmf must be renamed before compile.
    Filename must be all lowercase. (ctf_example_a1.bsp, NOT CTF_Example_A1.bsp)
    __Our Linux servers don't work with uppercase names.
    Map must be IN DEVELOPMENT, finished maps do not require testing.
    Map may NOT use a point_servercommand to alter any variables.
    Map must be designed for normal play.
    __This means no melee, class restricted, too small for 24 players, or otherwise gimmicky maps.

    • You may NOT reserve a submission without a download.
    • Non-compliance with rules will result in rejection of the submission.
    • If an author has more than one map they want tested, they must be submitted to separate days.
    • Any maps that have best in the previous weeks gamedays (regardless of version/changes) will be given lowest priority of entry into the gameday schedule.

    • Submission deadline is 11 PM EST, 1 day prior.
    • Maps will get 30 minutes playtime, KotH gets 20, Arena and orphaned stages get 15.
    • Submissions will be limited to 3 hours of testing.
    Last map can exceed the limit so long as most of the testing happens within the 3 hour period(30 minute test starting at 2:40 EST is allowed, 30 minute test starting at 2:50 EST isn't)

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Map Author Time Link
    cp_canyonfodder_b7 Ezekel 30 min canyonfodder
    cp_zig_stage_a_18 Rexy 15 min Zig
    cp_copperhead_b1e supersandvich 30 min cp_copperhead_b1e
    cp_mojave_b1 Hanz 30 min cp_mojave_b1
    cp_breakout_a8 Karnage 30 min cp_breakout
    cp_sekhmet_b1 EArkham 15 min cp_sekhmet_b1
    cp_omen_b6 Fubar 30 min cp_omen_b6

    Complete Mappack
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    Time: as near 7pm as possible.

    Extra stuff: Orphaned stage. I'll maybe finish a3 with another stage, it would be nice to test it. And if the schedule gets filled up, it's ok to play it for 15mins as if it were an orphaned stage.
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    Thread: 16575
    Download: Dropbox
    Time: After 18:30 GMT

    This is a contest entry that I want checked pls
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    I'd like to ask the same question as Hanz. My map (contest entry) will be finished in about 3-4 hours, I'll edit the post when it's ready. If it's not possible to do it that way, just ignore me.

    EDIT: I'm not taking part in contest, had a leak and didn't manage to fix it in time to compile, please ignore my post.
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    Yes, if you have a contest map that your are submitting today and you need ti tested, I will (ONLY THIS TIME) allow for a reservation. BUT if it is not edited by the deadline (11pm EST tonight) then I have to disregard it. Also, the 3 hour gameday limit is still in effect.
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    Map: cp_sekhmet_b1
    Thread: 15986
    Download: Download (s/b already on server)
    Time: Any

    Contest map. Already submitted, just need a quick test for big issues.
  9. jpr

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    thread: 17028
    download: 4662
    stv: yes please
  10. Mr.Blob

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    "You may NOT reserve a submission without a download."

    But... because you're so sexy... yus! :D
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  13. Fr0Z3nR

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    Canyon fodder, Zig, Copperhead, Mojave, Breakout, Sekhmet, Omen is the order of the maps.

    Thats 3 hours folks (Zig and Sekhmet get 15, I have a research meeting that I have to go to right after the gameday so I won't be able to host an impromptu immediately after, but I will host one a few hours after (It will probably be US, and will have the maps listed here, if possible)

    Finished Schedule up.
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