EU Gameday - May 12th

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    5,471 Official EU Server:
    Gameday Host: Fr0z3n :D

    Event will begin at:
    Central European: 6:00 PM
    UK: 5:00 PM
    Eastern: 12:00 PM (noon)
    Central: 11:00 AM
    Mountain: 10:00 AM
    Pacific: 9:00 AM
    Find your time here

    Map Submission Format
    Required: Exact Map Filename (ctf_example_a4)
    Required: file ID number, OR url to offsite download.
    __BZ2 compressed files are greatly appreciated to save time for the host.
    __May NOT be a hosting site like mega-upload (wait times, codes, excessive ads, etc).
    First time submissions, Required: discussion thread number.
    __My scheduling system uses this number, I need it, not the post number. (picture)
    If you need a specific time slot: Available time & your time zone.
    If your submission is a single stage out of a multi-stage map, please mention this. (orphaned stage)
    If you are a donator with upload abilities, please say if you have already uploaded the map.

    Testing options
    • A time extension may be requested for mature non-arena maps in need of fine tuning (this includes orphaned stages).

    You can keep the same file number by clicking edit on your file's page and then simply putting a new file in the upload box. This makes it easier for you (don't have to update all your links!), easier for me, and less clutter on the site. (picture)

    The map must be playable. This means fully functional objective system, proper spawns, not fullbright, etc.
    __The purpose of this testing is to help authors refine their designs, not catch newbie bugs.
    Filename MUST be versioned. (ctf_example_a1.bsp, NOT ctf_example.bsp)
    __Do not rename a bsp after compile. The vmf must be renamed before compile.
    Filename must be all lowercase. (ctf_example_a1.bsp, NOT CTF_Example_A1.bsp)
    __Our Linux servers don't work with uppercase names.
    Map must be IN DEVELOPMENT, finished maps do not require testing.
    Map may NOT use a point_servercommand to alter any variables.
    Map must be designed for normal play.
    __This means no melee, class restricted, too small for 24 players, or otherwise gimmicky maps.

    • You may NOT reserve a submission without a download.
    • Non-compliance with rules will result in rejection of the submission.
    • If an author has more than one map they want tested, they must be submitted to separate days.

    • Submission deadline is 11 PM EST, 1 day prior.
    • Maps will get 30 minutes playtime, KotH gets 20, Arena and orphaned stages get 15.
    • Submissions will be limited to 3 hours of testing.
    Last map can exceed the limit so long as most of the testing happens within the 3 hour period(30 minute test starting at 2:40 EST is allowed, 30 minute test starting at 2:50 EST isn't)
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  2. ScorpioUprising

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  3. squintik

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    Map name: pl_angkor_b1
    TF2Maps File ID : 4657
    Thread Number: 14299
    Late if possible

    Thanks !
  4. Sergis

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  5. EArkham

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    Map: cp_sekhmet_a1
    Thread: 210630
    Download: Download (s/b already on server)
    Time: Any
    STV: Yes, please

    Had an impromptu last night with only small teams, so could use some quick feedback on larger teams as I work on A2.

  6. Jimmy

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  7. jpr

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    I realize I'm a little late but here goes:

    thread: 17028
    download: 4662
    stv: yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah
  8. Fr0Z3nR

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    I can fit you in. I'm delayed on the schedule due to life reasons, but it will be up soon.
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  9. Fr0Z3nR

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    Sorry for the delay, my internet at home is kinda slow/fragile. We'll be playing:
    cp_morras_castle_beta3 - 30 mins - Sergis
    cp_sekhet_a1 - 30 mins - EArkham
    pl_ankor_b1 - 30 mins - squintik
    cp_process_a5 - 30 mins - ScorpioUprising

    The file for all of these maps are right here
    For Alluvium and Caldera click here

    Since we have an hour free after all those, I will accept maps during the gameday (maps that follow the rules of gameday, so no maps that were tested on tuesday). If none appear we will play a casual of whatever stock map the general consensus of people want to play.

    EDIT: Adding Alluvium and Neo Caldera now.
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