EU Casual Gameday - December 14, 2019

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Dec 5, 2015

Thumbnail: Left: pl_eclipse_rc2, Middle: koth_kemptown_rc1, Right: pl_vigil_rc6

Where have all the good maps gone?
Well, no one knows for sure, but we might be playing some of them in this upcoming EU Casual Gameday, hosted by @Sandwhip and me, @Toopliss, on the 14th of December, 2019!

But seriously, WHERE? Frankfurt Server -
(We will be, at some point in the casual, switching to the New York Server -

When is it, again?
14th December, 2019, 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT
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What is a casual gameday?
A casual game day is where we play some finished or near-to completion maps just for fun, you don't necessarily need to leave feedback for them, unlike imps, where we test in-development maps. Causal gamedays are where we just try to have fun in TF2 while showcasing maps that might be not as recent.

What are the maps?
In no particular order, the current list of maps planned:

MAP | Author
Dusk |osiem
Mojave |Hanz
Edifice |Phi
Dewm |invalid nick
Silvertrail |Ravidge
Hangar |Uncuepa
Kemptown |Muddy
Ramjam |Jusa
Eclipse |Flower_Shop_Guy
Luftangriff |BigFootBeto
Emerge |Muddy, Fr0Z3n
Vigil |theatreTECHIE
Abyss |Bladex64
Namicott |Sergis
Desertion |tyler

You can still submit maps for suggestions to the list down below. Not every map in the list will be played. A map pack of the final map list will be available for download 24 hours before the gameday.

Submission Notes
  1. Maps should, preferably, be in a near-finished or finished state. The state of submissions will be determined by the hosts.
  2. You may submit maps made by other users.
  3. Direct download links only, no Steam Workshop links.
  4. Only PvP maps allowed.
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