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    I can't view the demo from the Gameday today.

    The demo in question was downloaded from the feedback event page: (Direct Download Link).

    Console dump:
    ] playdemo 18-pl_reflection_a4b
    Playing demo from 18-pl_reflection_a4b.dem.
    Missing end tag in demo file.
    SetConVar: mp_allowspectators = "1"
    SetConVar: sv_skyname = "sky_alpinestorm_01"
    SetConVar: mp_timelimit = "30"
    SetConVar: think_limit = "0"
    SetConVar: sv_turbophysics = "1"
    SetConVar: mp_stalemate_timelimit = "180"
    SetConVar: tf_gamemode_payload = "1"
    SetConVar: tf_damage_disablespread = "1			"1""
    SetConVar: tf_weapon_criticals = "0"
    SetConVar: sv_allow_wait_command = "0"
    SetConVar: tv_transmitall = "1"
    SetConVar: sv_maxrate = "60000"
    SetConVar: sv_minrate = "30000"
    SetConVar: sv_minupdaterate = "50"
    SetConVar: sv_downloadurl = ""
    SetConVar: sv_mincmdrate = "66"
    SetConVar: sv_client_cmdrate_difference = "30"
    SetConVar: sv_client_min_interp_ratio = "0"
    SetConVar: sv_client_max_interp_ratio = "1"
    SetConVar: sv_client_predict = "1"
    SetConVar: tv_transmitall = "1"
    Initializing renderer...
    Host_EndGame: Error reading demo message data.
    Demo playback finished ( 445.8 seconds, 10950 render frames, 24.56 fps).
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    "Missing end tag in demo file" Sounds to me like it was acquired from the server before the map had changed and finalized the demo. Someone may have to go re-get it.
  3. Geit

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    The demo hasn't been correctly fetched by the script as it's still on the server (in the tf/olddemos/ folder) - I can attempt to make the script fetch it from there but it likely won't work (there are over 2000 files in that folder :<) - Someone will have to do it manually or you will have to wait till I get home from school in 9 hours. >.>

    Also, I'm going to revise the way that the script fetches files, I have a feeling that TCAdmin's (crap) FTP server doesn't like the way I'm doing stuff (i.e. Very hackily to bypass TCAdmin's lack of adherence to the FTP Protocol).

    EDIT: All fixed now, your demo should be working from the same link
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  4. grazr

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    I should have probably replied to this thread, the guy got me in chat shortly after posting this and he has the working demo. His file was 300 odd kb whilst the working demo was 16MB.

    I guess it's good that you know the script has some bugs to iron out at least (which you seem to have addressed already).